Jil Sander Fall 2009.


And then there was Jil Sander. Emphasizing on shape, form & silhouette. Again another understated collection but with an attention to detail, and cuts. Very classic Jil Sander with a new element of modernism. Focusing on the waistline and the effects of contrasting proportions. Jil Sander Fall 2009 looks very geometric, art-inspired. I love the balloon sleeved jumpers which are visually alluring.And what about the incorporation of earthy tones into the monochromatic palette through way of  pattern.Images; Coutorture






2 Responses

  1. Who is the model in the first photo? I have a small framed photo of him in a Jil Sander coat from last year. I’ve seen him everywhere.

    Jil Sander was my favorite of the spring collections and this is pretty good too. So simple but it is distinctly well done Jill Sander.

    On your last blog you said to leave an e-mail. Here is mine: andrewbrentbarnes@gmail.com

    • That is Clement Chabernaud, he has done various campaigns with Jil including Spring Summer 2006 & 2008. The Jil campaigns had enormous influence on his career.

      The Spring collection was also one of my favorites of the season, definitely one of the most memorable. It was abstract and innovative. I love those jackets! And now with Fall 2009, they have done it again.

      & Thanks,I’ll be sure to add you to the list.

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