Prada?, non!



It might come as a surprise to many. The understated manner of Miuccia Prada’s Fall collection that is. It has been made clear by other designers and now Miuccia that minimal & understated will be the spirit of this coming Fall season. Thing is we all know, that if Miuccia says it, it makes all the difference in the world. Miuccia has been known for being an innovator, bringing challenges season after season. For Fall 2009, that obviously wasn’t the case. How interesting it is that, the first question running through someone’s mind is “why so wearable”?




The collection carried a dark mood, perhaps it was the leather, unstructured cloaks, or studs, although Miuccia stated it had nothing to do with rebellion or aggressiveness. She was quoted as saying it was no time ” to invent things that men wouldn’t understand or be interested in. A neo-conservatism seemed new.”[WWD]



Exactly as I stated before when reviewing Burberry; the man of these hard times prefers the clean and understated.

My forecasts aside, although Miuccia decided to lay off the experiments this season and go with the tide she still resulted way ahead of it. Why?, because  Fall 2009 was reminiscent of the Prada of the 1990’s, back when techy and urban utalitarianism was all the rave. Utalitarianism at this point is  exactly what Milan is calling crying for.




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