Alessandro Dell’Acqua Fall 2009.




Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s collection for the fall of 2009 seemed to be a continuation of that of Spring 2009. The designer continued on with a very neutral palette, pairing shades of nude and beige with black for looks which seemed very of the season’. This yet another minimalist collection with the exception of gold sequined jackets which gave room for some panache. Dell’Acqua seemed to be toying  with length, proportions and the concept of layering . He paired elongated sweaters, with cropped jackets and layered such sweaters on top of shirts and ties  pairing them with slim fitting trousers, his usual silhouette. 





A very wearable collection- but what collection hasn’t been this season. What, if anything, did Dell’Acqua want to say through his emphasis on layering? With the effects of Global Warming we can all say we have been experiencing rather mild winters, was this perhaps his rationale? But Milan has taught us so far it’s all the economy’s fault. And so Mr. Dell’Acqua made clear that given the economy layering seems to be one very effective way of dressing.




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