Gucci Fall 2009.


It is lovely to know that under such circumstances there is still, and will always be Gucci. Regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world, Giannini will remain true to her man. She continued with the idea of youth and luxury. Young, irreverent, chic, this what has become of the Gucci man under Giannini.



It seemed as if she had returned to her roots this time. No longer dwelling too far into her references but choosing to remain true to the label’s distinction. But it was safe, wasn’t it? As followers of the label would know, it wasn’t typical Giannini. She even remained subtle, less the abundance of fur or the almost quirky feeling of her ususal creations. 




The evening wear section of her show was the most suggestive of all, full of luster, metallic jeans, satin, and shiny shoes. Giannini still remains inspired by the rockstar way of life, glamour, la vie boheme. Ultra slim tailoring , boxy jackets set to contrast skinny trousers, leather , cropped peacoats & short jackets, lurex, synthethic fabric, accessories to die for, and an occassional dash of color, summed up Frida Giannini’s Gucci of Fall 2009. With this Frida succeeded in stating the brands vision in an understated matter, understated when it comes to Gucci that is.






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