Moschino Fall 2009.

The artist Rene Magritte known for his works in the realm of surreal art is said to have been the inspiration for Moschino’s Fall collection. England in the 20th Century, perhaps this is where the artist’s influences lay, in the bowler hats and umbrellas- the dandyness’ which characterized many of the looks. 




Some looks were simply elegant others could not be familiarized with the world of Magritte.  There was no sense of realism here, really- but references aside, the pants tucked into socks paired with boots proved interesting. They  brought a balance to the looks up top. 




It wasn’t all complete without other more casual looks,a leather jacket ensemble, a cable knit sweater, not forgetting the fur and the weather proof cape made from some sort of synthethic or recycled material. 





With this collection there seemed to be a loss of direction. Too many ideas bunched into one perhaps. Or is it that we are missing the point and all that seemed out of place in the collection was way of becoming more utilitary?


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  1. Clement Chabernaud! 🙂

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