Closing view on Milan.

This day marks a historic occasion in the history of our nation. On this day Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States. It’s been very long since the American people were as proud of their heritage, proud to be citizens of a nation where a man’s hope & ambition, have no boundaries. It was with a great sense of optimism and hope that  President Obama adressed the nation, on the afternoon of this 20th day of January, the year 2009.

Today also marks the last day of Milan Fashion Week. As we prepare to wrap up our thoughts on Milan Fashion Week, as we revisit the ideas & concepts introduced  in such, we couldn’t go without mentioning the great sense of optimism and eagerness for the future that was sparked within us.

The troubles of our world economy were everpresent on the runway,as designers reflected the troubled times of the present in their collections, as they opted for a minimalist & understated aesthethic. Like Miuccia Prada who’s Fall collection was themed after “survival”. And by survival Miucia meant survival in such economic hardship. 

As Miuccia portrayed the crisis through her dark and melancholic collection, other designers created a sense of anticipation and assurance for the times to come. There message was  clear; it is still possible to dream. This is what fashion is about, being able to inspire, to ignite passion. For that we have designers such as McQueen or Vivienne Westood to thank, who achieved such through there collections.McQueen’s collection, the most cinematic of all. Taking us back to 19th century boxing clubs of London. Reminder that it was still fashion after all.  Raf Simons at Jil Sander, or Gianfranco Ferre for envisioning the future of menswear in such alluring manner.

 The hardest task for a designer today is finding a balance, the boundary between the real world and the feign. The presence of such “realities” on the runway is proof of how great a thing fashion can be. And so it is off to Paris now.


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