I believe I’ve expressed my love for up & coming designer Rad Hourani many times before, and so there is no need to stress the point. His collection for the Fall of 2009 speaks for itself. Rad continued with his trademark unique vision, a Gothic, rock & roll sensibility that has made him something of a cult following. But there is more to Rad’s designs than just that, made clear by the detail and depth of every one of his pieces.


Perhaps this was the reason for the added colour into the usual all black palette. In result it not only was a way of better showcasing the depth of his creations, the added colour gave a certain volume to the clothes. It was really a softer approach for Rad who experimented with softer lines in this collection, as if to balance out  rigid sensibilities.


Although this collection was pure Rad changes came in subtle ways. It seems to be Hourani is slowly wavering into  new realms. Thing is Rad Hourani is perfect as is, no?








2 Responses

  1. HEAVEN! He’s the new director for Dior Homme, it’s almost confirmed!

    • Amazing! and FINALLY!

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