The More Rad the Better.


Rad Hourani : Nightime Person

The latest line the racks in his studio; I eye the midnight blue and onyx caged leather leggings, charcoal origami layered knits, and what appears to be a highly textured black cuirass, longingly. “These are definitely nighttime clothes,” I say.

Rad agrees: “I am a night person, so it comes naturally. I like blacks, dark blues, greys. I am a dark person-not a pessimistic person, though!” What other myths might we dispel?  For one, that Rad’s aesthetic is comparable to any of the following luminaries: Rick Owens (“I’m not Gothic! He rules that domain”); Margiela (“I am not a conceptual designer”), or Gareth Pugh (“I’m slick and modern, not sci-fi”). And while his clothing’s visual impact is stark and futuristic and his colors monochromatic, he doesn’t consider himself a minimalist. “What looks minimalist is actually very complex, very detailed. I take the idea of purity, but I love to embellish it. I liked to build refined layers and regard clothing like sculpture. What influences that? It’s usually architecture. It can be a line, a texture, a shape,” says Rad. 

“My clothing is asexual,” he says. “A man or a woman can wear these garments interchangeably. Gender is irrelevant.”

Hourani describes his customer as “Someone like you or me [LAUGHS]. Someone who similarly appreciates the geometry of clothing and who understands there’s a sensuality to the clothing itself without relying on the human form.”

It’s also for someone who “loathes trends,” which repel Hourani. The designer hopes that the recession will inaugurate a type universal catharsis for creative people. “It’s time to re-evaluate our priorities again. It’s time for making wise decisions-I really just want to see trends die.


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