Spring goes Soft.



When Alexander McQueen presented his body-conscious, form-fitting, disco-inspired collection for spring of 2009; his emphasis on the body wasn’t at all reminiscent of the era of the ‘70s, as intended. Instead (whether intended or not) it seemed fetishistic. A collection characterized by waist-defining jackets with strong shoulders and skeleton inspired prints, which showcased the male silhouette. But perhaps the ‘70s were present in the overall aesthetic of the collection. For it seemed as if the models were all preparing for a very fab night at Studio 54, and that was very ‘70s indeed. And then there was Miuccia Prada who with the idea of fragility, created one of the most intricate collections of the spring season. Prada Spring 2009 also seemed to have a fetish. Leave it to Miuccia to come up with the most intriguing references: “A man’s poise between fragility and power,” she stated backstage. This too was another body-conscious collection defined of plunging necklines, garments that hung from the neck and shirts that seemed to play off as dresses.




Spring of 2009 reveals a high emphasis on the body. Prada & McQueen weren’t the only ones to  make the body the basis of their creations, so did others in an unintended manner like Alessandro Dell’Acqua with his dominant palette of nude & beige tones. It was the season characterized by great challenges. Who could forget the skirts at Comme des Garcons (Marc Jacobs’ new chosen uniform)? But the focus on the male sculpture stood out most, for it was as if there were more to this new focus than what was evident. It all seemed like an attempt to reveal a new softness to the male persona, and this was not coming only from Miuccia Prada. For men are dressing with new fragility, disregarding androgyny which today is no longer a trend but a basic concept of design.


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