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Raf Simons AW’09 Campaign
April 10, 2009


Raf Simons’ first ad-campaign will debut this coming fall. “It’s another way to communicate with your audience. Fashion shows can only do so much.”-Raf Simons


Givenchy Aw’09?
April 7, 2009


[Givenchy Autumn-Winter 2008]

Rumor is Simon Nessman is the face of Givenchy Fall 2009.

Kris Van Assche Fall Preview
April 6, 2009







Models; Francisco Lachowski, Gaetano Gaiso

Lost Aspirations.
March 20, 2009

[Alexander McQueen AW’09 Womenswear]
If the aspirational shopper has disappeared from fashion, from the world; given the world economy, what is keeping fashion afloat? If anything remains in our minds from this past runway season is that there is still time, to dream. People still need to be inspired, moved, by fashion; now more than ever. And so the idea that the aspirational buyer has ceased is proving difficult to settle in my mind. For isn’t fashion driven by fantasy, dreams, and desires? Isn’t this what fashion aims to sell? But what has happened to the aspirational individual, the devotee to eponymous fashion labels and the luxury lifestyle, even when he can’t afford it; is evolution. Present times have given for the development of a more conscious shopper. Individuals are now shopping as if it were a lifetime investment; which is what fashion should be. It is how it used to be before celebrities took over the world, over our magazine covers, before H&M and Topshop. Blame fast fashion for the idea that clothing should be replaceable and keeper of no emotional attachment.

Damir Doma AW’09 Runway Video.
March 19, 2009